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Street children in Delhi_____ .

Street Children Volunteer programme in Delhi

There are about 100 million street children in India who do not attend any school and spend most of their time on the streets. In Delhi, the capital city, it is estimated that there are about 175,000 street children of which 10% are runaways. In fact, there are more than 25,000 children who live in and around railway stations in Delhi. They can be seen searching the rubbish heap for a meal, sleeping between the tracks, often beaten and sexually abused.

Volunteer Work in the Street Children Programme in Delhi, India consists of taking informal education classes with the children, playing games with the children and introducing them to different new activities. Volunteers can teach the children good habits such as cleanliness, hygiene and greetings. On some of the days, volunteers can plan a trip with the children to a museum or zoo in Delhi. Such educational trips arc very useful for the children where they love spending time and playing with the volunteers.

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Volunteers work at the various contact points or shelter homes, being run by various organizations, which serve as day care centers for these street children. They can assist in providing love, care, basic literacy, recreation and most importantly spend time and shower affection on them.

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Street children in Delhi_____ .

spend most of their time in and around railway stations

live in very badly physical and mental conditions

account for 100 million from all parts of India

can search heaps of food for meals

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